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Oaxen - History

West of the fairway between Södertälje and Landsort the island Oaxen is situated. Some professors means thats its origin comes from the word "Ohagsön", which in swedish means that the island was in the way for the shipping. The island has an unusual bedrock which mostly contains limestone. The extraction of limestone continued with varying success until 1867. The year after "Karta & Oaxen lime works" started up. ("Karta & Oaxen kalkbruk")
The request for lime increased during the end of the 19th century in consequence of an increasing construction work especially in the Stockholm area. That means a good market for the limestone that was extracted on Oaxen. In the beginning, most of the lime-deliveries off the island was made by boat. When the operation was rationalized after world war II the more common transportation became trucks via the ferry to Mörkö which still is in use. In the beginning the conditions for the habitants on the small lime rich island was quite miserable. It got better when the limetone trade developed. During the 1880 th a grocery shop and a school was founded. At the turn of the century more houses was constructed and the population increased to approximately a hundred persons. During the 1930 the works was overtaken by Cementakoncernen (The cement concern) which however put the business on Oaxen down at 1974.

"Text: Kulturmiljöer i Södertälje, Södertälje kommun 1999"
(Översättning/translation made by Info Tech Nordic HB 2003)

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